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See Session Times for details
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See Session Times for details
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Have your party at Skateworld
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Play Roller Hockey
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Mordialoc Skateworld has an extensive range of skates and rollerblades for sale.
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Mordialloc Skateworld is in Boundary Road, Braeside. Click for a map.
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 Curriculum Casual Skate 

Mon 28th Aug 11am - 1pm

called casual skate due to skeleton staff

So you benefit by it only costing $10.00 including skate hire

So bring all and tell all


If you know your school has a curriculum day or pupil free day then talk to us about organising a casual skate day.



Friday and Saturday Nights are now the same

6:30pm - 9:00pm

Disco Environment, Family Friendly, Parties, Group Gatherings, Pizza Delivered, Fun, Excercise

which means parents, if you bring the kids and pay for them to skate, then for the cost of hire($5.00) you can join them.

Of course if you have your own skates then its free but you still need to let the manager know you're skating.