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Roller Sports

What is Roller Hockey?

Roller Hockey is a skillful sport encouraging balance, speed, control, hand-eye coordination, stamina and discipline.

Hockey: The Game

Roller hockey is played in an area known as a "rink", usually 40 to 58 metres long and 20 to 30 metres wide. The game is played in two periods of equal length; 20 minutes for each period. An In-House game is played in two periods of 12 minutes (14 minutes for Intermediate and Senior Division) for each period.

The sport involves four basic skills: skating, passing, stickhandling and shooting. These skills can be learned at any age, and the good hockey player continually works to improve and refine his or her skills. Physical size is not an important factor in becoming a skilled and successful hockey player.

Every player has an opportunity to be a part of the action given the speed of the game, the number of players on a team and the size of the surface upon which the game is played.

The four basic skills of hockey

Skating is the skill that makes hockey unique and it is something that players at all levels of the sport continually strive to improve. Without adequate skating ability, players are less able to perform the other essential skills of the sport.

Stickhandling is perhaps the most difficult of the basic skills to master. It allows a skilled player to maneuver around opponents and create better offensive opportunities.

Passing is what makes hockey a true team sport and helps make the game fun. Passing gets everyone on the rink involved in the action and turns scoring into a team effort. Helping teammates experience success is what the game is all about, and passing allows the thrill of scoring to be shared.

Shooting is the end result of an offensive team play and is the action that produces a goal. Many players spend most of their time practicing shooting because they believe scoring is the most fun. Players should, however, place an equal emphasis on the other basic skills of hockey, given the fact most players generally take fewer than six shots in an entire game.